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    Wolves Rules



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    Wolves Rules

    Post by Darkheart on Thu Mar 02, 2017 8:05 am

    1. Elders, pups, matriachs and High Ranked wolves eats first.

    2.Never lie to you Pack and Alpha, it's considered a offense.

    3.You can't love/mate with another wolf of a rival Pack.

    4.The prey it's to be eaten, thanks Terminaax for it.

    5.You must ask to you Alpha(s) or Beta, to meet someone.

    6.Alpha(s) word is law

    7. You can't argue with a High Ranked wolf when it gave you an order.

    8. Be respectfully, towards others, althought you don't like him/her.

    9. Never neglect a pup, even if it from another Pack.

    10. If a rogue/loner wants to join the Pack, he/she must show trustworthy.

    11. Gatherings, must be earned every full moon.

    12. Never kill without reason, or to win a fight.

    13. Elder must be protected even if it from a different Pack.

    14.If someone it's plotting to kill your Alpha/Beta you must tell to you Alpha/Beta.

    15.Boundaries must, be checked every day.

    16.Defend your Pack, even with the cost of your life.

    17.If someone of the Rival Pack, crosses the borders, you can attack it.

    18.Patrols muts be organized in the dawn, afternoon and night.

    19.The beat, it's the only one that can talks in the Gatherings when the Alpha is excused.

    20. A Prisioner, must be in prision 5 months.

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